Geocache Puzzle in Great Northern

kidgeocaching_small_Helena, Montana is no novice when it comes to treasure hunts. In July of 1864, four miners, down on their luck, gave it one “Last Chance” and struck it rich in Helena. The region, named Last Chance Gulch, grew almost overnight, producing an estimated (in today’s dollars) $3.6 billion in gold over a twenty-year period.

150 years later, Helena appeals to treasure hunters of a different kind. Helena, Montana is a geocacher’s dream. Highlighting the best of Helena, the GeoTour brings cachers to thirty-eight destinations including the Great Northern Town Center. Helena has evolved into the region’s geocaching leader and received the title “Best for Geocaching” from Rand McNally’s and’s Best of the Road contest.

In addition to traditional geocaching, there are also geocache puzzles. And there is one right here in the Town Center! It’s a walking history tour with a twist — a cache puzzle for you to solve, plug in coordinates and end up finding something hidden.

Here’s the link for the clues.