A.L. Swanson Gallery & Craftsmen Studio

Get inspired: Take one look at the handmade fly boxes, gazelle tables or pagoda chairs at the A.L. Swanson Gallery, and you’ll realize that you’re in a sort of anti-Ikea, where every piece has been individually carved by hand in the old-school Shaker furniture tradition. The furniture (made by master woodworker A.L. Swanson) is the showstopper here and the gallery is full of his work.

Try it yourself: Swanson now offers woodworking experiences to people from around the region, helping them to achieve the satisfaction from bring wood to life beneath their own hands. At his Bob Vila–style workshop, you don’t have to know how to use a sander―the workshops are designed for complete beginners. At the end of the weekend or maybe one evening, you will be the proud owner―and crafter―of a Shaker-style cherry end table, rocking chair, entry bench or curved serving tray to show off at home.

We had a wonderful time in the class and in learning so much about Helena. You provided so much more than we expected. We felt that not only did we learn a lot about furniture making but we so enjoyed having a great time with you and the class. If college had been this much fun we would still be there. We have always felt a great affection for northern Wyoming and Montana. Now that we have had a chance to meet so many wonderful residents we can’t wait to return.

Please send me the details about the Rocking Chair class as soon as you have time. We are looking forward to seeing you both again soon.

Jim & Christie Nance, Denver
A.L. Swanson Gallery & Craftsmen Studio 863 Great Northern Blvd Helena, MT 59601

A.L. Swanson Gallery & Craftsmen Studio
863 Great Northern Blvd
Helena , MT 59601